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    Admin rights[editar código]

    I didn't really wanted to say this, but can I get admin right on this wiki? I know that there is a lot of staff around here, but none of them a really active at the moment.

    I made a couple of mistakes creating some pages (acccent marks) and I want to move them to the correct spelling. On the other hand, remove some duplicated files and maybe some edits on the protected pages.

    I'm not the best at administrating things but I also don't want to annoy by constantly asking for this errors. I hope you understand. Thank you.

    Mixedudex (discusión) 01:58 24 July 2023 (UTC)

    Hola, disculpa por leer tarde esto. Te puedo dar permisos de administrador sin problemas pero ¿Realmente harás algo? No has editado en más de un mes. Un saludo - --Taxcymus (discusión) 18:32 12 sep 2023 (UTC)

    Polish Wiki[editar código]

    Hey, since looks like you have been on here the longest, could you help us (KumihoWolffey and I) with the newly made Polish wiki? I'm trying to make it look like these wikis, but I can't find out how. (The setup of it) Here's the link to it: https://polishchwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Strona_g%C5%82%C3%B3wna Thanks! 《Commetia》 (discusión) 23:12 27 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Bureaucrat ship[editar código]

    Sorry for asking about things you can't do anything about. I left Agent Isai a message about that. I am currently working on that kinda stuff, I am also working with Feoktista about the templates and other stuff. Thanks, 《Commetia》 (discusión) 02:30 8 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Hey, since looks like you are the current Bureaucrat; I would like to become the Bureaucrat instead. Because I am/will be doing mass and major edits and I would like to access Bureaucrat-only features. If not, then that's okay. Thanks! Commetia (discusión)


    While I saw you read my message to the current bureaucrat on the countryhumans wiki in English, I don't grant bureaucrat, I only grant admin permission. Also, I've seen your edits, I congratulate you for making them, however I think it's wise to discuss creating a wiki growth plan before copy-pasting the English wiki. Templates, infoboxes and a stable regulation are missing. Currently Countryhumans Wiki is part of the Spanish Union of Wikis commanded by Wiki Polandball Hispana after the transfer of wikis from Fandom to Miraheze.

    I am willing to give you the admin permission, but I would like to talk to you via Discord to agree on projects to be carried out and your plans. Also, I see that you have just joined the editing community, so it would be good to discuss it properly.

    My current Discordtag is Taxcymus#8625

    Best regards.

    P.S I saw that in the message on the English wiki you mentioned Feoktista. What does the Russian countryhumans wiki bureau have to do with this matter? The mention of him/her catches my attention.

    Hey, the reason why I mentioned Feoktista is because I was/am looking for someone who could grant me burecracyship or somehow to be able to edit more, but I wasn't sure that if someone from a different Wiki could do so, so I asked. I also mentioned KumihoWolffey because she is the burrecrat of the English Country Humans Wiki. Also I'm sorry, but I don't/can't have Discord; so we will have to find another way to talk about it. (I can't because of personal reasons.) The reason why I just copied and pasted the English Wiki is because I think that we should give the same information on each WIki, just in a different language; so it can reach more people. I would love to join the admins, butI won't be able to talk to the other (admins) on the Discord, because I can't/won't have it. I won't be able to talk through E-mails, either. And finally, I honestly don't know what the infoboxes and templates are. (I think I have an idea on what the templates are, from the English Wiki. Commetia (discusión)

    Ok, I have granted you administrator permissions. About the copy-paste in English, it's ok. You have to consider that in the long term this wiki should be managed by native users of the language (Spanish) who are expected to formally take the reins of the wiki. About the contact, we can use Miraheze discussions, just notify me of your activities :)

    Feoktista will be an administrator too, helping us in infoboxes and templates (the infobox is the box on the right of an article where you see information and the templates are boxes with information, with a "nice" design).

    Best Regards!

    Taxcymus (discusión) 02:32 3 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Hola![editar código]

    Hola Taxcymus! ¿Cómo estás? DudemanTheDude (discusión) 14:25 28 abr 2023 (UTC)

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