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    Edits[editar código]

    100th edit 《Commetia》 (discusión) 13:30 5 dic 2022 (UTC)

    The infobox thing[editar código]

    Hi Commetia! I've already made an infobox, and the ones you made are kinda unnecessary, I guess? And now we are having 3 infoboxes, maybe we could just delete two of them, so people wouldn't get confused? Because you know, having a bunch of infoboxes isn't what we need. I hope my words won't affend you, but if they did, then I am really sorry!

    --Feoktista (discusión) 08:46 5 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Oh, no, I misunderstood something. I am sorry for that! You made only the doc thing for the infobox. So how about we translate one of them to Spanish and rename it to Template:Paises‎‎/doc? And maybe we could delete the other one? What do you think about it?

    --Feoktista (discusión) 08:54 5 nov 2022 (UTC)

    It's alright! I might be able to translate one of them, but why I made another is because I did not know that there was already a template for it. But I looked around and looks like the coding isn't in spanish. I am still getting used to the new setup of the wiki. I think we should delete one of them, because (if there are) anyone else sees the wiki and would like to edit, they might be confused on what template to use. But I think only you, Taxcymus, Kumiho Wolffey, and I are the only users on this wiki. But could you show me the other ones, so I could possibly translate them? (But I won't translate the code, since we don't need to.) Commetia (discusión) 17:47 5 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Okay, so the template I made is Plantilla:Paises and it has its own doc thing in Spanish now. I think all we need to do now is to delete Plantilla:Country and Plantilla:País.

    --Feoktista (discusión) 14:01 13 nov 2022 (UTC) Ok, I have deleted them now! Hopefully the one you made will work, better than then one I tried to make. 《Commetia》 (discusión) 21:07 13 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Okay, thanks! --Feoktista (discusión) 10:37 15 nov 2022 (UTC)

    Oye Commetia[editar código]

    ¿Aceptas solicitudes de arte de países humanos para otras personas?

    @EmpandasGuyXD I am guessing that you friend requested me on the English Wiki, and I would love to help you if you are needing help with the Wikis. And were you asking me if I would draw something for you? (My translator Isn't the best...) 《Commetia》 (discusión) 16:26 17 ene 2023 (UTC)

    Web domain[editar código]

    I am happy to announce that Countryhumans Wiki Spanish and Countryhumans Wiki Russian now have their own domains (es.countryhumans.polandball.wiki and ru.countryhumans.polandball.wiki). Now I propose you that Countryhumans Wiki Polish has its own, I only need administrator permissions if you are interested :) It is the only condition. I hope we can all share a domain together :)))

    Greetings! Taxcymus (discusión) 10:29 31 ene 2023 (UTC)

    @Taxcymus Sure, but what exactly is a domain? Isn't it just the URL? Also, why is it the PolandBall Wiki? 《Commetia》 (discusión) 13:35 1 feb 2023 (UTC)

    @Commetia The domain is basically the URL, and its the Polandball Wiki spanish because its the one Im currently paying for, I can only pay one (because its the one I can afford), as Im an administrator of polandball.wiki and its the biggest wiki I use that domain. I can create subdomains for free, so take advantage and create the subdomain :) In addition, both communities and fandoms are related in their own way! The current domain: https://es.countryhumans.polandball.wiki/ - Taxcymus


    Oh,okay. Sure! I already made you an Admin. 《Commetia》 (discusión) 13:16 7 feb 2023 (UTC)

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